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Recognizing Rabbit Damage

Protect your plants, trees, ornamental shrubs
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Protect your landscape from foraging rabbits with Rabbit Scram rabbit repellant

You might not see them during the day, but you’ll easily recognize the damage rabbits cause to gardens, flowerbeds and landscapes. Not until dusk and under the cover of darkness will rabbits feed on just about any plant they can reach – flowers, vegetables, ground covers, shrubs, fruits and more (click here for the complete list of plants rabbits eat and damage). In fact, it’s been said that it’s easier to identify what’s not eaten by rabbits than what is.

Given the opportunity, rabbits will also dig up your yard and find a home in your shed, too! Rabbits eat their way through any garden, not just one full of carrots. Rabbits eat randomly, with tastes varying by the season, and they exist on a diet almost entirely composed of green plants and woody growth.

Rabbits leave signs of their presence. They may clip a stem cleanly, neatly eating all the pieces without leaving a trace, or they may only chew the flower or half the plant before moving to the next. Woody plants are often debarked, gnawed clean up to 16 inches from the ground. Look closer, and you’ll likely see rabbit tracks and scat (droppings) -- dark pellets the size of peas loosely scattered over the ground and,

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sometimes, found in piles.

Get rid of rabbits …
Fencing is often tried to prevent rabbits from getting into gardens, and it is, indeed a great solution. Rabbit fencing is often attractive and need not be over 2 to 3 feet tall (unlike obtrusive deer fencing). But rabbits readily dig under fencing unless it's extended below the surface ... as much as 12 inches!  

However, if trenching and burying your fence isn't in your game plan, simply sprinkle Rabbit Scram around the perimeter of the fence in the usual 16-inch barrier strip. Rabbit Scram will STOP the rabbits from digging under the fence helping themselves to the feast you unknowingly prepared for them. Rabbit Scram is an all-natural, biodegradable organic rabbit repellent that guarantees these pesky animals will stop feeding on your prized gardens, shrubs and trees.

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