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EPIC -- maker of Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellent -- offers you an unparalleled opportunity to share in the success of America's Finest Rabbit Repellent.

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Rabbit Scram's sales/service support
runs circle saround the competition:

Three convenient
sizes to meet
every customer's needs

Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellant

2 1/2-pound

Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellant

6-pound pail

Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellant

Rabbit Scram's
25-pound bucket

  • Rabbit Scram's product features blow away all other commercial rabbit repellents!

  • Rabbit Scram's price incentives and programs increase sales and profits!

  • Rabbit Scram's point-of-purchase support programs improve customer service!

  • Rabbit Scram increases your sales of the Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellent -- Guaranteed to keep rabbits for eathing your plantsplants rabbits love to eat!

  • Rabbit Scram features
    a 100% Money-Back  Guarantee!


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Rabbit Scram
America's Finest Rabbit Repellent™


Rabbit Scram is presented by

Enviro Protection Industries Company, Inc. (EPIC)

27 Link Drive, Suite C, Binghamton, New York 13901

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RABBIT SCRAM is a registered trademark of
Enviro Protection Industries Co., Inc., 72 Grosset Drive, Kirkwood, NY 13795

Maker of America's Finest(tm) deer, rabbit and mole repellentsMAKERS OF AMERICA'S FINEST™

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  • How Rabbit Scram Works
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  • Rabbit Scram 100%
    Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Year-Round Application
    of Rabbit Scram
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  • Identifying Rabbits
    of North America

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  • Recognizing Rabbit Damage in Gardens
    and Landscapes
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  • Deterring Rabbits ...
    Bunnies Aren't So Cute
    When Your Garden
    Becomes Their Dinner
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  • Managing
    and Deterring Rabbits
    in Your Landscape
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  • Plants Rabbits Eat
    in North America

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Rabbit Scram™

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Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellant -- 100% Guaranteed!


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Protect your plants, trees,  ornamentals & vegetable gardens this
from pesky munching rabbits


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Rabbit Repellant
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