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Deer are
in my garden!

Stop deer damage with America's Finest Deer Repellent




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Deer Scram 
America's Finest

Deer Repellent


Domestic Pet Trouble?

Get rid of foraging rabbits

Cats and Dogs ar ruining my gardens!

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Scram for Cats
Cat Repellent

gets rid of cats!

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Scram for Dogs
Dog Repellent

gets rid of dogs!


Got Moles?

Get rid of moles with Mole Scram Mole Repellent

Moles dig tunnels

They're ruining
your lawns,
flowerbeds, gardens
and landscapes!

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Mole Scram
Mole Repellent
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Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellent gets rid of pesky munching rabbits




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Rabbit Scram

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Armadillo Scram

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Armadillo Scram
Armadillo Repellent
gets rid of Armadillos!

and also:
Vole Scram

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Vole Scram
Vole Repellent
gets rid of Voles!




Get rid of munching rabbitsYikes!

Rabbits are eating
my garden!

Get rid of munching rabbits with Rabbit Scram rabbit repellentRabbit Scram can help you
get rid
of rabbits now!

Protect your plants, trees, ornamental shrubs
& vegetable gardens
from pesky foraging rabbits

Foraging rabbits are eating my garden

100% plant protection from foraging rabbits!
Try Rabbit Scram with no risk!
If it doesn't work, you don't pay!

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Rabbit Scram rabbit repellent is different because Rabbit Scram is more than just another offensive scent or unpleasant taste to foraging rabbits. Blended from selected organic and natural components, Rabbit Scram rabbit repellant is sniffed off the ground by foraging rabbits before they enter your gardens.

Use Rabbit Scram® to protect your garden, trees and shrubs from munching rabbits and other pestsRabbit Scram is guaranteed to keep rabbits off your plantings because, through their uncanny sense of smell with their nose on the ground, it convinces rabbits that harm is nearby.

Rabbit Scram will change rabbit behavior. As they near the applied barrier of Rabbit Scram, rabbits actually alert to a sense of danger – even death! Rabbit Scram's unique scent of death reaches the rabbit and triggers a genetic biological defense mechanism to flee from predators. Regular application of Rabbit Scram
rabbit repellant creates a barrier -- 24 hours a day! – that rabbits will not cross to reach your plants.
And Rabbit Scram’s granular application won't wash off with rain as many spray repellents do.

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Rabbit Scram is ...

Granular ... No mixing or spraying!

All Natural  ... It's organic!

A Perimeter Barrier  ...
Sprinkle a protective strip around your plants and beds rather than spraying repellent on leaves,
flowers and vegetables!

Rain Resistant! ... Rabbit Scram won't wash off or dissolve in water. Rabbit Scram Lasts up to 45 days!

Not Offensive!  ... Rabbit Scram doesn't smell terrible like many sprays. Rabbit Scram stops rabbits with good biology, not foul odors. Rabbit Scram smells like a mild fertilizer!

The best rabbit repellant ... Long-lasting spring and summer plant protection from rabbit foraging and munching.

Guaranteed! No Risk for Your Money!
We're so confident in Rabbit Scram that we’ll give you your money back if Rabbit Scram doesn’t help you keep rabbits away from your valuable gardens, trees and ornamental shrubs.

One of America's Finest™ brands of animal repellents produced by Enviro Protection Industries Company Inc. Click here to protect your valuable trees, ornamental shrubs, vegetables, fruits and flower gardens from munching, browsing deer.

Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellant gets rid of rabbits

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RABBIT SCRAM is a trademark of
Enviro Protection Industries Co., Inc., 72 Grosset Drive, Kirkwood, NY 13795

Maker of America's Finest(tm) deer, rabbit and mole repellentsMAKERS OF AMERICA'S FINEST™

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  • How Rabbit Scram Works
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  • Rabbit Scram 100%
    Money-Back Guarantee

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  • Year-Round Application
    of Rabbit Scram
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  • Identifying Rabbits
    of North America

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  • Recognizing Rabbit Damage in Gardens
    and Landscapes
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  • Deterring Rabbits ...
    Bunnies Aren't So Cute
    When Your Garden
    Becomes Their Dinner
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  • Managing
    and Deterring Rabbits
    in Your Landscape
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  • Plants Rabbits Eat
    in North America

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Deer Scram Deer Repellent

Rabbit Scram™

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Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellant -- 100% Guaranteed!


Try it with no risk! If it doesn't work, you don't pay!

Protect your plants, trees,  ornamentals & vegetable gardens this
from pesky munching rabbits


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Rabbit Repellant
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